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A designer CV for a creative

I am certainly no expert in writing a CV for the creative industry, my CV hasn’t been updated in over three years so I recently updated my old version (created in Word) to have a more visual look and decided to share my findings. There are many arguments against creating a visual CV but I Continue Reading »


Should I advertise on my website?

I get a lot of enquiries from my clients who receive a high volume of traffic, who would like to use their website for advertising space. I have always been slightly cautious of this approach as I feel if you don’t get it correct, the website you have worked so hard on will actually put Continue Reading »


The pros and cons of working for yourself

On numerous occasions, I have had to say no to a major social event due to a website launch and I have lost count of the amount of times my best friend has visited only to find me grunting at my laptop and being very unsociable! It’s not all bad though – I find juggling Continue Reading »