A designer CV for a creative

I am certainly no expert in writing a CV for the creative industry, my CV hasn’t been updated in over three years so I recently updated my old version (created in Word) to have a more visual look and decided to share my findings.

There are many arguments against creating a visual CV but I believe it is a great way of showcasing your talents, make you stand out against other candidates, designers can get away with a less corporate feel and many agencies prefer to receive them.

A few things to remember when designing a creative CV..

  • Leave your keywords searchable for recruitment agencies by not outlining the text
  • Avoid letting the design interfere with your content. The content is still the most important part
  • Include your keywords especially the software and technology you use
  • Many agencies actually prefer your portfolio so don’t forget to include your best projects as a seperate document or on the CV itself
  • Use a standard format (.doc .pdf etc)
  • Tailor your CV to the job you are going for

Here is the end result. I am still toying with the idea of removing my photo as research has shown this can have a negative impact. What do you think?



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