Using SEO with Actinic eCommerce

The main key to the search engines is relevant content containing keywords. Here are a few things to do for the search engines when using Actinic eCommerce software…

  • Add your eCommerce web site to free directories (there is a comprehensive list available here) or type in “free web directories” and add your site to the relevant ones that come up in the first three pages.
  • Go through each section & sub-section page in Actinic and make sure the Page Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords contain relevant content for that page. The keywords should be one or two words separated by a comma.
  • Do the same for each product title (e.g boys designer top instead of top).
  • Add relevant keywords for the image filename.
  • Sign up for a facebook group / twitter account or add a blog and regularly update (eg.. use for special offers or product advice)
  • Add a fragment to the home page containing text with the products/categories you are looking at promoting.
  • Add an email newsletter signup button to get new email addresses.

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